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24-Hour Service Tel: 400-659-3939                                   0398-7107999
Address: Henan province Sanmenxia Shi Lushi County Cun, west of Henan Grand Canyon.
E-mail: yxdxg@126.com
Postal code: 472211


【Leisure Day Tours】

    Arrived in western Henan Grand Canyon Scenic Area by bus.Visit the first waterfall in West Henan after arrival---Dai Zhong Tan Waterfall Group(120 minutes).Fei long waterfall,Jiu Qu waterfall,San Die canyon,Yin Ma chao……More than 100 pools and waterfalls.Experience "Five steps a pool, ten steps a waterfall" the magical place of the waterfall group.Can participate in the high altitude sliding rope (flying trapeze), rock climbing (extreme sports) and other large-scale fitness and entertainment projects."Best drifting in China" after lunch,Driving a two-man drifting ship through the magnificent Triassic gorge。Through the 160-metre tunnel,Experience the unique North River drifting "Dragon Hole",After two drops up to 40 meters of cave drifting,Experience the fall of 45 meters drifting,Experience Romantic stimulation waterfall rafting,Cheering all the way, screaming all the way.6 miles of Drifting River,It's breathtaking, but it's safe.You can be happy to play with water, very interesting"The world drifting, cool in West Henan" is not just a slogan.Let you experience the peculiar feeling of "drifting first cool",After the drift is over, you can choose to take the limousine back to the beginning.

【Two day tour】

    D1: Morning to the Grand Canyon Scenic area in western Henan,When you arrive, you can stay in the scenic hotel or farmer's house,After lunch, you can visit the Dai Zhong Tan Waterfall Group,Feel the momentum of the great waterfall.On the way to the waterfall, you will see the white Dragon waterfalls, Ju Qu Waterfalls, San Die Canyon, Yin Ma Cao...... More than 100 pools and waterfalls,Experience "Five steps a pool, ten steps a waterfall" the magical place of the waterfall group.can also participate in the "Passion Warrior drift" driving two-man rubber dinghy,Through the Magnificent San Die Gorge,The process is thrilling and stimulating,Experience the unique North River drifting "Dragon Hole",It excites you and makes you scream.

    D2: Access to the site of the herb garden, Myrtle Garden, hundred orchards,Enjoy the "Time story", "Paraquat Hall" and the lavender in front of the visitor center.Tour characteristic ancient village,The villagers in the scenic spot live on the hillside, the scenery is beautiful.Into the alleys of the village, as if into the history of the promenade.The herb garden is planted with peony, radix paeoniae Alba, and Forsythia. More than 100 kinds of Chinese herbal medicine and chrysanthemum table, rose and 24 solar chart.

    After visiting the ancient villages of West Henan, we can continue to enjoy the special folk performances,There are "shadow puppetry", "Play Opera", "paper-cut" and other historical and cultural performances.Also has the West Henan native product and the health products.

    Tour to the afternoon, you can taste the ancient village delicious Acorn jelly, fragrant guo mutton soup, western henan beef Soup ... Flavor food.

Address: Henan province Sanmenxia Shi Lushi County Cun, west of Henan Grand Canyon.
Service Tel: 400-659-3939 0398-7107999 E-mail: yxdxg@126.com